The Venus Factor Review: A Diet Plan Just For Women???

John Barban calls it the Venus Factor and claims he has created the ultimate diet plan for women…

Hi! My name is Samantha, and I’d always been a bit curious as to why women have such a hard time losing weight compared to men.

So I decided to do a bit of research online.

The Venus Factor Review of Full System

I wanted to go ahead and share my Venus Factor review here on this blog since I had just recently advised my best friend Sarah to give it a shot.

This is just a review, you can visit the official site here.

Sarah was never afraid to admit she was dangerously overweight.

She has a very lively and generous personality, and she always tries to cover up her emotional problems with jokes and helping other people solve their problems.

This is exactly why I wanted to do something special for her and help her out, so I bought John Barban’s program for her to try it out.

She’d recently given birth to her third son, and I think all of the hormones and stress had finally led even Sarah to have an emotional breakdown.

We both knew her weight was becoming a major health problem, and it was time for a real change.

I decided to get her the Venus Factor because she’d already tried every diet and weight loss pill out there…

John Barban’s program offers a natural way to lose weight and focuses on the core physiological differences between a man and a woman’s metabolism.

Sarah has been using John Barban’s program for about 8 weeks now and she is definitely seeing some positive results.

I believe this is in large part because the steps are so easy to follow… and the program allows her to still eat most of the foods she really loves.

She’s not comfortable of me posting any pictures (understandably), but so far Sarah has lost 27 pounds.

Sarah is 5’5″ and weighed 192 pounds before she started the program, and now she weighs 165 pounds!!

I know that normally wouldn’t be considered some amazing weight loss achievement, but I am very proud of her!

She’s a busy mom of three, and with all of her current emotional problems, I didn’t want to push her too hard, too fast.

I mean, for a busy mom with an active social life, losing 27 pounds in 8 weeks isn’t too bad. Wouldn’t you agree?

I know that she could do much better because I am sure that her current progress will absolutely motivate her to step it up and continue getting down to a healthy weight.

The great thing is that it also teaches people how to then maintain that slim and healthy physique very easily.

This is because Sarah has literally retrained her body and re-balanced her metabolism by getting her leptin enzymes to work more efficiently… permanently.

I’m not much into the science of it all, but I’m happy my research paid off and that it actually works!

Now I have a feeling Sarah will quickly surpass me and actually look better than me, so I’m very tempted to start the program myself (haha) because I’ve seen what it can do.

Anyone else who is thinking about getting the Venus Factor:

I highly recommend that you at least give it a shot, especially with this discount link:

Use This Discount Link and Get All The Bonuses 

And… what sold me initially was that there is a full 60 day refund policy.

I wish you all the best and hope you all achieve your health goals!

Best regards,


P.S. Please leave comments below and let Sarah and me know about your own personal success story!

UPDATE 05-04-2014: Sarah actually now has her success story featured on!!

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